JeromeASF Presents: The Bacca Chronicles

Machinima and Jerome have just release The Bacca Chronicles, an upcoming animated series starring: JeromeASF ( ChimneySwift11 ( ZombiUnicorn ( and Eddie Pepitone. A Machinima Original ( brought to you by #go90 ( It’s a 10 episode series with a behind the scenes look at the show. Episodes will be released every Monday and Thursday

New Machinima Mobile App for iOS and Android

Machinima has released the new Machinima app for mobile iOS and Android, where gamers can watch the best

Machinima Pacts with Vimeo

I’m personally excited to see how Machinima’s talent partners get involved in this initiative. Under the pact, Vimeo is committing at least $500,000 to develop original content from Machinima creators that will be distributed exclusively on Vimeo, according to Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor. For more information, please read the Variety article.

Grand Theft Auto – Minecraft Edition

The guys at Pixelheads create a world where GTA and Minecraft collide.

Machinima announces a new round of financing led by Warner Bros. Entertainment to the tune of $24 million.

Good news for the Big M. The investment comes nearly a year after WB took an $18 million stake in Machinima, which has been rebuilding its business after hitting a rough patch under previous leadership. “This additional funding will enable Machinima to accelerate our growth through increased investments in content and technology that better serves

Machinima Console Events Calendar

Events Section Talent Partners will be able to sign in to Console and access the Events section. Partners

Machinima Console: New Features and Bug Fixes for the 2/4 Release

Immediate Rejection Notification Starting today we’re going to make it more difficult to join the Machinima Network. This

YouTube Now Defaults to HTML5 Video

It’s been a long time coming, but YouTube has finally made the change and has abandoned Flash in

Machinima Console: New Features and Bug Fixes for the 1/20 Release

Official Earnings Earning Statements are now available in Console. To access your statements, log in to Console and go